Semi-Truck Sleeper Mattresses  

The most important part of any day for a long haul driver are the hours spent sleeping while off duty. The strict schedules and demands that these drivers adhere to can take a physical and mental toll on them. It is a proven fact that most accidents involving semi trucks is due to a poorly rested, fatigued driver. That is why we believe a Dormlife mattress that promotes REM Sleep should be in every bunk to ensure a comfortable and restful nights sleep.

Dormlife has been making mattress for all makes and models including Freightliner, Volvo, International, Peterbuilt and Kenworth trucks. We also make the odd size mattresses found in many of the upper bunks. From pillowtop mattresses to memory foam products, Dormlife has the mattress you need.

Large fleet pricing is available. Please go to our QUOTE page form and let us know what best fits your needs. If you have any additional questions please contact our customer service department.


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