Residential Hall Mattresses  

Our washable dormitory mattress has the finest nylon fabric on the market today. Clearcoat, an Eagle Textile fabric, is the first of its kind to laminate the fire barrier to the cover. This lamination adds to the strength of the cover and meets all the standard fire requirements. It is available the in standard taped mattress construction or in inverted seam construction. Clearcoat fabric is only available through Dormlife. Don’t settle for anything less. Color options are available.


Standard Quilt Mattress
The Standard Quilt Mattress is our standard quilted mattress. This mattress is covered with a damask ticking quilted to polyurethane foam and fiber. The upholstery layers consist of a top grade polyurethane foam topper on each side of the mattress. If you are looking for a comfortable mattress at an affordable price the Standard Quilt Mattress is the mattress you are looking for. Compare our prices and specifications and you will see the value we offer.
The DL 2500 is our entry level washable mattress using the Clearcoat fabric. With the fire barrier laminated to the fabric, Clearcoat fabric is a more durable, more rip resistant fabric. The DL 2500 is our standard washable mattress.

The DL3500 is a step up from the the DL 2500. The DL 2500 is also a washable mattress using the Clearcoat fabric. We use a thicker, higher density, open cell foam. We use only solid block foam for added value. Dormlife does not use convoluted foam in any of their products. The innerspring uses a higher gauge wire, and a 6 gauge borderwire for added support. The DL 3500 exceeds most mattress specifications for colleges and universities nationwide.
DL-4500 Dual Firmness-Inverted Seams
The DL 4500 is a dual firmness mattress with inverted seams. Inverted seams have become popular with the reemergence of Bedbugs over the last few years. This type of construction, however, does not prevent bedbugs. The dual firmness allows students to pick the comfort level which is best for them.

Made Green
Our Made Green mattress is designed with those campuses who are looking to conform to green standards. Using high carbon recycled innerspring units, soy based foams, and a damask cover using cotton fibers with nylon, the Made Green mattress brings comfort and our support for the environment together.

DormLife Flex
The Dormlife Flex mattress is new for 2012. We named it Flex because of the FLEXability of what this mattress offers. The award winning, Molded Foam Technology, MFT, is currently found only in Europe. Dormlife is the first to introduce this technology to American Universities. The MFT will double the life span of the today’s mattress. Covers are replaceable with a washable cover or a zippered stretch fabric. If there is a bed bug issue, just take the cover off and replace it. Finally, after 5 years of use you have the option to replace the mattress through our Buy Back program. Contact Dormlife for more information regarding FLEX. This will change the sleeping enviroment on college campuses nationwide.

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