Correctional Facility Mattresses  

Correctional Mattresses or Detention Mattresses must meet the highest standards set forth by the architects of these facilities. We know the concerns that each purchasing agent has when buying mattresses for their property. Our heat sealed, high density fiber filled mattresses are rated one of the best on the market today. Our mattresses come with built in pillows (optional) and a strong rip resistant cover. We also offer a translucent cover which allows you to see inside the mattress to detect any contraband that may exist.

All Dormlife Correctional mattresses come in a washable cover with heat sealed inverted seams. Our mattresses also meet CAL 129 burn requirements as well as FED 1633. Color options are available.

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Dormlife offers a wide range of mattresses for different applications, including serving the unique mattress requirements for correctional facilities. We understand the unique concerns for those who make this decision for their facilities. Standard mattresses can be easily made into a weapon with the creative mind. From Heat Sealed, transparent, mattresses to wireless, fire proof mattresses, Dormlife is able to meet the restrictions set forth for mattresses used by prison inmates.


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